Thursday, December 13, 2012

Adventure Time Stretchy Finn ITEM #14211

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake is the greatest show of all time. It fits my silly persona perfectly. I had Stretchy Finn on my short list forever, but I thought I was going to have to "online it", but I found one today at our local Hastings shop.

They captured his look perfectly! Not that a character of such simplicity would be that hard to capture. His function is pretty bad though. I had a feeling he wan't going to be a very solid figure. Made by Cartoon Network or "J" toys or whatever, he is not constructed that great, almost feels like a custom toy.  His stretchy arms are fun to play with, but his crappy jointed legs make him difficult to stand. A display stand would have been helpful. He is kind of fun to play with in hands though, as you can manipulate his stretch arms to look kind of life like.

The backpack is too heavy, and unbalances the figure. It might be removable, but I worry it might break. He has somewhat smooth neck and waist 360 rotation. The sword accessory is the bonus to the figure.

I would say if you love the show as much as i do, get the Finn!

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