Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Christmas Haul-elujah!

I don't want to blab too much on Christmas and the goodness of mankind like Reis did on his blog post at Dork Horde Prime, so I will just get to the loot I got right away...

1. Optimus Maximus - When I first saw this toy, I thought it was ridiculous/absurd. Then I found it at discount, bought it, gave it to my wife to make sure she got it for me. With the purchase of the Masterpiece Optimus Prime earlier this month, I realized it was time to unnecessarily build a larger ridiculous Optimus Prime shrine. A toy like this will really stand out.

2. Which led to this discounted Kre-O Optimus Prime that I also bought, gave to my wife to give to me.

3. Beast Wars Rattrap. I saw this guy at Timezone toys reseller on my last visit, shot a picture, and had my wife go find this one to give to me (I had to make her do something). Finally, I think, I have all the first run Maximals from the first part of season 1.

4. Machine Wars Optimus Prime. Also found at reseller by my wife, I wanted a Prime that was in less than terrific condition for a future project. I remember passing on this toy several times in the late 90's at KB Toys, and now look at it as it is the most prettiest thing ever. 

4. Lego Star Wars Desert Skiff. Such a cool Lego set from my Sister. I have always wanted to build a Sarlacc, and maybe it will even appear in a future minifigures battles stop motion.

5. HexBug Warriors Arena set from my Dad (per my forced suggestion)! Oh this is amazingly cool! You have to get one! It comes with two bugs, but with too more, you get some amazing, hilarious, out of control, weaponized bug battles. It is so fun when two randomly go after one. Or when another just ditches battle entirely, goes over the side, and walks away. I will show more soon...

6. The complete Original Classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series! Thats right, the grand daddy present of them all, from my wife. This is amazing, like totally 19 discs of Ranger adventures. So many memories packed in, I will be watching pretty much all year with all that content.

So yeah, an amazing run of stuff this year. Also got some normal things like a sweater, coffee mug, homemade tasty Hot Coco, and a weed whacker. Great gifts, just not for this blog audience. Oh, I should also show stuff my baby girl got, cause lets face it, I will be playing with it too.

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