Thursday, December 06, 2012

Clawful! Masters of the Universe Classics

Any character with the name Clawful wins in my Museum. He is a vibrant red lobster man, who I hope we never get to taste. I did not get to Clawful in the 200x Masters line, as he was a solid statue, so it is nice to have a articulated figure. He was a bigger dude in the last show, so maybe he can function with that line.

I just saw an original Clawful episode on our Retro TV station a couple weeks ago. Its funny, as his head is more dinosaur like than crustacean. He also got owned by He-Man, tossed out a cave ceiling, flew for miles, back to Skeletor on Snake Mountain.

Its a good thing to know that the Karikoni crustacean warriors also wore fur loin cloths with solid belts.

Clawful's claw has a little spring in it for grabbing stuff, like his green staff.

To be or not to be!

And thats another Masters figure.

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