Saturday, December 30, 2006

Top toys of 2006!

2006 is about to die, what toys did I find most fun for the year you ask?

Beast Wars 10th Aniversary was a chance to pick up characters I missed the first time. It also got me looking on ebay for even more like Inferno and Quickstrike. Transformers Classics was a zippy retrospective of G1 toys.

As always, new Bionicles were fun to build. I collected three, and resisted the rest.

The new H.I.S.S tank was probably the best hidden surprise of the year. I wouldn't mind buying ten more.

Sigma Six toys are as strong as ever! Destro and his suit case was a spiffy cool xmas gift, as was Hi-Tech and Zartan. Im looking forward to Ship Wreck and the Ladies of Sigma Six.

The best toy of the year looked like Transformers Cybertron Primus. I have yet to snagg one yet...

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