Saturday, December 02, 2006


Now that I've entertained/bored you with the original Bionicles, lets take a look at their precursors; The Lego Technic Throwbots!

These guys were simply cool! Smaller, yet more diverse in how they were built. They all had the common arm that would flip a small disc across a vast distance of a few feet. They also had a main gear to turn that would hunch them over in a painfull like position. Tourch here, had the reversed body with a neat fire arm.

Amazon, built like a regular robot, has a neat Jungle knife, communications antennea, and an atitude for throwing discs into my lawn.

Turbo seeks to become an Autobot some day, he is still working on his gear transformations.

Electro likes to walk on fuzzy carpets, then shock from the air.

Stay tunned for more incoming Throwbots!

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