Monday, December 04, 2006

More Throwbots!

Late in the series, Flare is my favorite. Has to be the unique wings, ski legs, and tail, that when spun, uprights Flare from standing robot to flying robot.

Where's Granite, I can't find Granite! Oh there he is! blending into my couch. He has two cool picks that when you press in his head the picks swing down. Dog like, his tail tosses the disc.

Scuba spent about a year in Sparticus' water tank. He really needs the algae scrubbed off of him. He has a propeller that spins his gears. Also equiped with yellow breathing tube.

I want to say this Throwbot is named Jet. He is honored with two throwing arms for twice the damage. He also has moveable wings with propellers when his head is pushed in.

And finally Ski! The most lifelike Throwbot, he comes with skis, and one pole for balance. Fun to play with on snow days, and to make jumps for.

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