Monday, December 29, 2008

Indiana Jones: The Soundtracks Collection

I am really enjoying this long over due almost complete Indiana Jones Soundtrack collection. Last Crusade is amazing with around thirty minutes of previously unreleased material that really changes the whole score. The only big complaint would be tracks 14 and 15, tank music that I constantly whine about is not all on one track, and is segmented not how it is in the film (BUT, its close enough). A minor flub is some of the unreleased stuff sound a bit wobbly as if taken directly from original reels left in wet basement over the years. AND i guess they could have added something new for Crystal Skull, and not just the exact same soundtrack I bought earlier in the year. That being said, its major fantastic to hear these scores complete, finally!

I hear there is now a full complete Dark Knight soundtrack out. Erg, thats nice to know after I wasted my money the first time on the regular version (which skips!). AND the new soundtrack is around 50 dollars. Uh hello, thats a bit excessive for a soundtrack. It has a stupid nice box, and stupid picture booklet. Who the heck wants that??? Its about the music, duh?!! And why charge twice the DVD price? How lame!

LalalalalaRecords has released original Batman the Animated Series music! I can not believe that in a million years, very excited about that.

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