Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hot Wheels Mega City USA- They still make that?!

I guess if the plastic molds still exist, use em, and sell it again! This was always the best all around Hot Wheels city playset you could have. Build the layout of the city in a variety of ways.

This updated set does prove you done get all the bells and whistles like you used to, it is missing the bell for the fire station! If that IS a fire station, looks like a repair shop now. Its also missing the fantastic feature of 'guy on a plastic spiral strip walking across the street." It always worked funky though, being coiled up in a building for so long, he usually flew out of his tunnel.

The set does still have the neat red raising bridge, fairy boat, various hidden building car launchers, and one sort of working stop light.

Since I already had my fun with this set years ago, I will give this set to my nephew for Christmas. Of course he might have to fight me for it at the last minute.

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