Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Best Soundtracks

If I had to squeeze all the best movie soundtracks onto one regular music CD for 2008 here would be the playlist. I usually favor big blockbuster, superhero, animated, stuff so if Benjaman's Pants music was any good, I missed it.

For Best score of the year I would go with Wall-E. Very good spacey/robotic music. Although I thought i was strange that Wall-E's space rocket ride was very similar to the visual opening credits to Star Trek Voyager. I wish the Get Smart soundtrack had more than just a few small tracks, the theme is classic and fun when modernized. I listed four Quantum of Solace tracks that were both the loudest, and the short ones tried to catch a blip of the bond theme. I just Red Boxed the Mummy; Tomb of the Dragon Emperor the other day, and liked the score. The Mummy franchise has done well with rousing adventure themes (although, I bet the second two films would have been fantastic had Jerry Goldsmith's original themes were used). Speed Racer had a great overall score, lots of action music tracks for many of the races (that movie I still need to see, but I here it is great if you expect it to be from a cartoon, which it was). The next few tracks are the stand outs from The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and the Dark Knight. The new Hulk full CD is supposed to be great with 2 CDs full of music, I will have to invest in that soon. Iron Man is okay, if you prefer more electronic rock music. Dark Knight follows well from Batman Begins. The Joker 'one note' theme is creepy and well toggled with the Batman Hero theme. Watch out for the CD release, I had to return my first CD, for a new one because the last second of the last 16 minute track was messed up. It would crash iTunes, and skip on a CD player. I returned for a new one, but it did the same thing. Luckily its not the best track, so no big worries, unless you want the whole thing.

So there you go, if you care to sample the best music of the year of movies. Unless I missed something, which I usually do but find out ten years later.

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