Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Incredible Hulk Hulk

The redunDANcy of this package is funny. I think you can buy 5 different versions of the Hulk, and maybe one or two of Abomination. Yet the package (on the bottom) still tells you it is Hulk that you are buying. I guess thats a good thing, God forbid you wanted an Iron Man or a Spider Man and once you get home you find out it was Hulk because they forgot to label the box.

I did see this movie finally. Since I was one of the few who liked the first one, I was a bit worried about the cast change and different direction, but it turned out pretty good. I can't really decide better or worse. Maybe slightly better? I liked the Abomination battle in the end, makes up for the strange battle at the end of the first Hulk. I like how Banner buys the stretchy pants, although he turns down the purple ones. The cameos by both Stan Lee and Lu Ferigno were funny too. Some of the special effects were off. It makes you wonder about deadlines and what gets slipped into the movie at the last minute. Some effects are incredible and others looked like they were done with my Photoshop skills. Music was really good, I hear its a rare two CD release, I will have to check that out soon! Which reminds me, I need to finish my Quantum of Solace music review to force share with you.

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