Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cobra Army!

For months Cobra has fortified various locations throughout the apartment. Destro and the Baroness held the top of the plastic toy depository bins, Cobra Commander watched over my desk, Serpentor cloned himself two other locations (why did they have to keep making better versions-Doh!), Major Bludd and Wild Weasel were sitting by with Rattler support, the Crimson Guard were still on my kitchen table, and not sure really what the Dreadnoks are up to right now. Anyhow, they finally regrouped to their own shelf tonight, but right above the shelf the GI Joe's are on. Not sure how long thats going to last.

Of course you can see that they form to my preferred Cobra Command Structure. Cobra Commander up top, in total control over his generals. They humor Serpentor with a chariot up top too, but we all know Serpentor is an uncontrollable moron that is missing a few bits of DNA thanks to Sgt. Slaughter (when is his figure coming out?!)

Also Cobra has pointed out that my camera is pure crap these days. The Flash is way too bright, yet everything came out dark! I think it might be time to upgrade. The Baroness wasn't too pleased with my site of shoot skills too, as her face is cut off by Serpentor's Snake stick

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