Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Water Goes by on a Cruise Ship

Wow, I leave the blog alone for one week and there is total chaos. I need to look into getting a locking cabinet for my Cobra Crimson Guards. What a mess they made, canceling the Batman Cape Weaving documentary I had worked so hard setting up. They even burned the film, so that important info is all gone! Oh well.

The Cruise was really fun and relaxing. As you can see in this action packed You Tube clip. I didn't find any neat toys out there though. BUT, I did snag the next two packs of M.A.S.S. device pieces from Hasbro Toy shop! I'm sure they are going to be on shelves soon, but I couldn't wait for 'Arise Serpentor, Arise!' which is by far the funniest GI Joe mini series. I should review that later, don't want to spoil it for you six.

Okay I can't wait! I love how its a blatant attempt to sell the next series of toys. Hawk and Beachhead are the new replacement leaders for Duke and Flint. Serpentor and Dr. Mindbender are the new Cobra villain leads. Then there are all the new vehicles. The Skystriker and HISS tank are out for the Conquest and that wierd Cobra vehicle with the three wheels and chariot thingy. Cobra Commander is absolutely hilarious as he tries to stop his generals from replacing him. He really should just shoot all of em for the insubordination, but I guess that doesn't work in kids cartoons. I also like how the GI Joe team looses every battle for the DNA. They must go 0-50 before they finally dominate in the battle for Washington DC. And how stupid are the Joes? Cobra keeps going directly to the graves of the famous leaders, and Hawk keeps saying he don't understand what Cobra is doing at all the grave sites? Maybe stealing the bodies Hawk??? The scene where Hawk flies off in a Jet Pack is so hammy - its out of know where - Like you meet someone at the store, then say gotta go, and take off in a rocket pack! Then There is Sargent Slaughter. Oh boy, what a dude. He gets captured like 20 times, and escapes 20 times. He talks the talk about no one being able to knock him down, and 2 seconds later he's down and captured again. I deffinatly recommend this movie, but do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing in one sitting. It will totally mess you up!

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