Monday, March 12, 2007

Marvel Attacktix Spider-men and Wolveri-men

I am getting real close to collecting all the booster packs of series one Marvel Attacktix. Do I win a prize? I have yet to really test these guys in battle, but I like the weakest warrior class spidey the best. He has a very strong/long striker arm (I also lucked out and have a chrome version as well). Spider-man on the pole has a difficult kick, and possible dooming tilt, but special attack power that might come in handy ('Teamwork' -extra attack if four different marvel classes in play). Web attack Spidy has the biggest base, so he might be tough to knock over.

The booster Wolverine is way better than then starter pack version. He has a mean claw attack arm that springs out claws over a full half inch at maximum strength and speed!!! I would imagine any opponent he gets right next to, will go down from the claw attack (as long as you don't hit the Thing from his side), however his weakness will be getting to his target in time.

Captain America has been aquired, but is shy to a picture, since he has been abducted several times by the "family dog." Venom and Magneto are on their way via post. And Thor has yet to be Ebayed.

Everyone laughs at my obsession for collecting these Attacktix, but someday some kid (probably me) will pop an eye out from a powerfull missfired projectile, an angry Mom will cry foul, and these will all be recalled, thus making the worth of my collection One Million Dollars! Bwa-Ha-ha!

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