Friday, March 02, 2007

Hulk Attacktix Alert!

I can't believe I actually snagged a Hulk! This is like the Yoda from Star Wars series 1 that I never got. And to top it off, the very next pack I opened had ANOTHER Hulk in it. Now I have two Hulks, Bwa-ha-ha. The down side is he's a horrible thrower. Well, not too horrible, it will just take some practice. In theory he should be as powerfull as old Chief Chirpa. I need to exacto better holes in his radioactive barrel so it doesn't stick so bad. He does have a wide base, good for staying up.

I also got a common figure Electra. It seems like they ran out of silver paint for her weapons though. They sparkle in certain lights, and in other lights it looks like she has strange hands. I wonder if it is a flaw or are they all like that?

Back to Hulk. The other down side is, that Hulk should be a super Mega figure. I would also like to see a big Sentinel and or Apocolpse. Instead they made a lame Spiderman on a pole, like we haven't seen that before. I have mixed feelings for the upcoming Colossus throwing Wolverine, its cool, but eh? And eh to the big Sandman guy as well. I WANT A SENTINEL!

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