Wednesday, June 10, 2020

LEGO Dots Bracelets Arts & Crafts Mega Pack Wristbands Toy Review

LEGO Dots Bracelets and or Wristbands are hitting shelves, and they are pretty fun for the LEGO fan who wants to always have LEGO at the ready! Checking out the LEGO Dots Arts & Crafts Mega Pack, we can build from 5 different color bands, with a large assortment of colorful pieces! (300 pieces) The band is about 7.5" Long, so it should fit most kids, and well, me I have thin wrists, and can squeeze one on too! The studs hold onto the rubbery bands pretty well so far, and the simple design ideas are limitless with the small square, triangle, and circle stud pieces. Keep an eye our for the themed single packs too, they are the best way to roll into Dots! And thanks Anna for helping me out in todays video!

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