Wednesday, October 07, 2015

LEGO Dimensions Portal Game Starter Pack Batman Wild Style and Gandalf Lead the way!

My first impressions of the new LEGO Dimensions gaming portal, is "Wow Oh Wow!" Lego is jumping on board the gravy train of portal gaming, but this time you get a little more for your buck. Most portal systems involve a statue like game piece, and when you are not playing the game on screen, there is not much to do other then look at your figures. With Lego Dimensions, the game pieces are just regular Legos so you can still play with them anytime. Also during gameplay, you are challenged to build and rebuild certain game pieces. This makes for really awesome game!

The Starter Pack retails for $99.99 which includes plenty to play with. It is higher than other Portals, but again you get to play with those legos anytime.

There are many expansion sets too, Wave 1 is on shelves with more waves to come. Jurassic World would be my favorite to start with. There are plenty other collections with DC Universe, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, The Simpsons, just to name a few.

LEGO Dimensions is a big investment, but its highly worth it!

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