Friday, July 10, 2015

Minions Movie McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Collection Kevin Stuart and Bob

Despicable Me Minions are back in action in 2015 with their stand alone adventure, and more McDonalds Happy Meal toys of course!

This time they are all Talking Minions, so a switch on the back, a quick shake, and a few funny phrases spit out. Sometimes you really have to bonk them to get them going.

They look pretty good as a full collection, even though they are static pieces of plastic.

Each one has much silliness!

Right now, Talking Jurassic Minion is my favorite.

I can see those hoarders of the Happy Meal toy frown on these, as the batteries will all wear out one day. For the regular Minion collector, these will make another great addition.

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