Friday, August 15, 2014

Dragons Nabi Morpho Pods, the Head Wing and Tail Mystery Packs

This toy might be taking the blind mystery pack too far. To build a dragon, you must buy a Head, Wing, and Tail pack to complete it.  So what happens when Grandma just buys you tails?  In some strange twist, I was able to get all Toothless parts, even though I was kind of hopping for some mix and match.

The whole Pod thing also does not make much sense. I don't remember them Podding themselves in the movies. I might accept dragon eggs or something. Also they cheat with the Wing and Tail pods needing to have the Wings and Tail piece added to them after the Pod transformation.

The final product is a long snake like Dragon with way too many joints and springs, however I do kind of like it somehow. It is so odd that it just might make it on my desk for awhile.  The Pods also activate your Nabi Dream Tablet if you have one (yeah, thats got to be a huge demographic), and you can do somethings with School of Dragons App.

So thats what this toy is all about, make sure you get all three color bags to build one dragon.

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