Tuesday, July 22, 2014

G.I. Joe Kre-O Collection 3 Review with Codes

I finally found some time to look at these super cool Kre-O GI Joes Collection 3 packs, that I found in full a few months back. It was pretty killer, as all 12 packs, and only those 12, were on the shelf for the taking. Given how hard it is to find these in my area, I snagged them all!

Now its pretty much established that Kreon figures suck pretty bad in the function category. They fall apart, hard to stand, hands suck, heads sometimes look funny, blah blah... I am just glad that G.I. Joe a pretty obscure license these days, gets such a generous treatment, making it to a full collection 3.

Not only do we get classic characters, but some really obscure characters like Atomic Man. Each figure also usually has some pretty specific weapons, and usually more pieces than a Lego Minifigure would have. Both the Cobra Jet Trooper and Scrap-Iron come with many good build pieces.

I also like these blocks, as the size is so small, I can build a huge GI Joe collection with little storage space. Of course that giant looking Terrordrome might change all that.

So in short, I will take as many of these as I can get and play hard!

Oh, the codes if you are looking for just one...

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