Saturday, April 12, 2014

Plants vs. Zombies K'nex Mystery Blind Packs Codes

K'nex does such a fancy job with Mario, I had to try Plants vs. Zombies. 8 mystery figures are sealed inside the blind bags, four plants and four zombies. Again, its pretty easy to avoid repeats, as long as you check that number on the back with the little lines below. Overall the figures look pretty good, except for K'nex's dysfunctional brick bases. Those can be removed, and play can be resumed. My favorites are Bonk Choy and Traffic Cone head Zombie.

0 - Sunflower
0 - (Double line) Bloomerang
5 - Peashooter
1 - Bonk Choy
4 - Business Suit Zombie
0 - Cowboy Zombie
0 - Mummy Zombie
6 - Cone Head Zombie

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