Friday, October 19, 2012

Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Superman and Batman

I am just now finally getting a chance to own a few Retro-Action DC Super Heroes. I REALLY wanted one when they first appeared on shelves a couple years ago, but I guess something else won out. The good guys also flew off shelves faster than the bad guys, which are still there.

I have this vague Pre-School like memory where a "play-date" with another kid yielded a chance to play with possible originals. I am thinking at hardest capacity here, as I remember playing with a Spiderman, and I think Batman.  I am sure if given a time machine, that wasn't even close, they were really obscure toys like Turnip Peat and Paper Cut-out Flat Stanly.

With the story aside, these two Retro Doll/Figures are have lots of nostalgia pack in, and they look awesome on the old mantle. They have joints, but those are really meant for play, as some spring back, others don't hold a stance. The clothing is very thin, but flexible. Capes are capey, with ability for fan flowing. Batman has a Bruce Wayne face under the mask.

The colors really pop, and I can just imagine the whole collection would be fantastic.

Up! Up! and Away!

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