Friday, October 14, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield, Deluxe Class, Perceptor

I have been on the fence for awhile in getting an updated Transformers Perceptor. Well, it helped that I never saw him in stores, until last week for a discounted rate at Grocery Outlet. Oh, and I BETTER thank Thatboywhite for the heads up, or I will get BERATED again for not giving a shout out :)

So, I have been carrying him around in my pocket in Vehicle mode for most of the week. Just vehicle, not even transformed once (believe it or not). I like the look, and it was neat that I still had much to discover. I slowly did a few steps even and had him half transformed, by Thursday night.

So far I was liking it, then came his ugly UGLY back pack compaction mechanics. What a mess, I have been trying for hours, and I just can't seem to get a solid lock. His arms then keep slipping down! Arrrg, makes me SOO MAD!!! I think I will stick with the classic classic versions. There is no messed up over reaching designs that keep befalling modern Transformers.

Besides, the originals are often bigger, and Transform into what they are supposed to.

Putting my rant aside, and trying to forget that whole not transform working deal, he "looks" pretty good. Which makes it all the more annoying because that darn backpack piece just won't play right. ARRRG!

I guess I could compliment the usage of Chrome, but even that makes me mad. Now I feel that I have to white glove the guy in fear of fingerprinting up the chrome, which I already did, because...

The Freaking Unworking Un-Transformable backpack mechanics, ARRRRG!

Say look at the time, So yeah, get your Perceptor today on toy shelves, Right Now!

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