Monday, August 11, 2008

GI Joe; General Hawk #5

Hawk was by far my favorite GI Joe that I could buy. Technically Flint was my favorite, but I never was able to find one in the stores. But Hawk I found. That was a good thing. I think My first Hawk toy died of early joint disease. He also lost a thumb, and groin cover in battle. My Second Hawk also took a pounding, and died in some sort of 'medic mix' Lifeline prepared using various under the counter toxic bathroom cleaning materials. The Third Hawk has disappeared, I think he was dismembered by a vice grip, but I'm not certain. The fourth Hawk is my sister's, which Hordak has Joe-napped into my collection. He is missing his helmet - might have to ebay that someday. This is my fifth Hawk figure. I better, buy a couple more just for insurance.

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