Friday, June 08, 2007

Transformers Movie thoughts

Well well well, its time I said something about this small movie event that will hit the theatres soon...Yeeeessss. I like how I have Transformers all over my desk at work, and people still ask if I knew there was a new movie coming out soon.

I did the whole June 2nd toy release run around to see what was out there. Talk about lots of stuff to battle for shelf space. For the moment though, I have great restraint. I like the little ones right now, they fit perfectly in my coffee table.

I just hope I don't sit on them.

I was really surprised to see Megatron's scary 'Chicken' transformation. That was not the way I suspected the creators to go. I was thinking gun, tank, or cannon. But Chicken? Oh well, I guess chickens can create some terror if done in the correct settings.

I borrowed my friends Prequel Comics for the movie. They were pretty good. Kind of hard to tell which transformer was which in the first one, since they were all grey metal with lots of confusing detail. There are some good G1 winks inside too, I hope that will be the same in the movie.

So far Barricade is the only regular Transformer that I have bought. Very Nice on the detail. Easy to go from car to robot, but kind of tricky in reverse. Thats why I'm too lazy to show that right now. But I have something else to show about Barrracade later that will Transform everything you think about Transformers. Wow I should write movie tag lines.

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