Friday, March 31, 2006

Megatron gets the honorary white arrow.

The BESTEST girl in the world got me a Galvatron I mean, for my Birthday this year. He is up on the shelf already but will come down frequently for transforming. Kind of a tough one at first, but once you get the hang of his arms and front wheel fenders he transforms together well. Poor Optimus will have his hands full from now on, fending off attacks from both Galvatron and Unicron while trying to show little Rodimus the tricks to being Prime.


Mike Overall said...

Cool as always...takes courage to open that stuff up ha ha...

You seem to have shelves abundant in your pad. Ever see American Beauty? That kid Ricky Fitts' room with that huge wall of shelves and storage units...real boss.

I found a deal for all 20 Transformers Alternators on eBay for $200 which included shipping/handling. Willing to go halfsies on it with me?

Dan said...

nah, Alternators are too professonal for me. :)

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