Monday, March 27, 2006


One of the few surviving GI Joe accessories I have is the very cool Tomahawk. Its in superb condition too, only missing one missle, and that little tiny microphone that attactches to Lift Ticket's helmet. I liked the toy so much I never sent it on any missions in fear that it would break. So it just spent most of its life hanging in a storage room. I think I will hang it over my desk one these days.


Mike Overall said...

Too cool!! Always wanted one of those...used to have a H.A.V.O.C and a S.T.U.N back in my younger days...awesome.

How many GIJoe's fo you have from back in 1985-1988?

Jeff Ross said...

My favorite remaining (and in good condition) GI Joe vehicle is the Cobra Rattler. I loved that Christmas!

Dan said...

My HAVOC has seen better days. I will take a pic of what I have left one of these days. Not much left really. I have lots of battle damaged Joes. The Rattler was a really cool plane! I liked the Cobra Hiss. They have a reissue on that I keep looking at. Oops I just broke a engine cover on my Tomahawk. :( thats it Im not touching it! :)

Jeff Ross said...

Oooo, I still have my HISS tank as well. Another cool one! The one on has a lot more bells and whistles on it, though.

It seemed like I always got the Cobra stuff and my brothers got GI Joe stuff. (No wonder I grew up wanting to rule the world.) I guess it did make it easier for us to play together.

Mike Overall said...

Anyone seen the new Cobra Commander Sigma6? Really thinking about adding it to my collection...bought the 2-pk Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow and it's pretty neat.

Dan said...

That Cobra Commander is the coolest retro toy I have seen in a long time! Did you see that he has a battle damaged roll on his chest like those old He-man and Skeletor or battle damaged Hot Wheels? I saw Him nly once at Walmart and wish I had picked him up. I bet He will appear more though.


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