Thursday, March 16, 2006

Special Toy Museum Field Report.

Thanks to Jeff Ross and his abilities, my farm animal drawings have been professionally analyzed! (In probably the most funniest thing I have seen in years (With exception of cat's paw hooked on ceiling fan video from the web)).

I will have Jeff explain in his own words:

total chickens = 161
total sheep = 108
total pigs = 88

Your preference to poultry is positively preferred over pork. In
other words, for every one time you think of a pig, you have thought
about a chicken 1.83 times! Whoa!

The images I am supplying are to show more findings from this
research I have done. Take a look at the subconscious images you are
projecting in the patterns of this paper! It is simply amazing. For
example, even when you are drawing sheep, subconsciously you are
drawing a pattern that resembles a chicken! Chickens obviously rule
you mind. I also found a weird bearded guy and a dog with a funny hat
protected by his warrior bug. ("c" is for "chicken" can still be seen
through out!) You can explain these.

Strange enough, I do dwell on Chickens quite often at work. I think I'm starting to scare my coworkers, so I beter do a 180, and start thinking about produce.

Could this be a sheep instead?

I have been watching Spongebob Squarepants season three lately. Could this be Spongebob?

Well there you have it! I want some T-shirts made of these, or fine paintings for the museum or something. Thanks Jeff, these are fantastic!

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