Thursday, March 02, 2006

Toy Hockey: Team Hoth vs Ice Bionicle!

At long last, the Winter Toy Olympic Hockey game! This one is going to be a doozie, as long awaited Team Hoth takes on Ice Bionicle in what some say is the toy game of the decade! Unfortunatly, due to a delivery mix up with Optimus Prime, none of the right equipment was delievered to the game on time. Thus, toys will be using spoons, and other makeshift Construx equipment to play. Mr Freeze has once again donated his head as a puck for gameplay.

Well Here we go, the players take their positions.

AND GOAL! That was fast! You can see that Ice Bionicle was overconfident and did not protect their goal at all! The powerful Ice Wampa was able to score first for team Hoth!

AND GOAL AGAIN! For team Ice Bionicle this time! It looks like Kopaka was able to get by goaly Chewbacca who does not look happy at all...

And he is NOT! Chewbacca has torn the arms off Kopaka! It is certainly not a good idea to go up against a Wookie in play.

And back to the gam-... Oh here we go again! The Ice Wampa has a taste for the crowd again! Players are trying to get him off the stands...

This might be awhile. We should go to commercial or something. It's all tied 1-1.

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