Monday, March 20, 2006

I am Victorious at Mega Man VI !

Picked up another slight addiction a couple of weeks ago. Finally, I won Mega Man Six. I had to fight the Robots of the 1st annual Robot Tournament of 20XX AD. Eight of the most powerfull robots! Stupid Windman got me way too many times! But I got through it! And then second to the last level I had to refight all of them again! Mr. X was pretty easy, and so was Dr. Wily. I like the flying suit thing, I used that all the time. I am still getting my butt kicked by all the other Mega Man games though. Mega Man I is too hard, I still have three more bad guys to get. I'm close with MMII, but not close enough to beat that darn dragon. I killed all the main guys in MMIII, but it gets kind of hard from there. Mega Man V is Impossible. I have not even opened MM IV, VII, and VIII. And I guess if I win enought of em, it unlocks two more evil games!

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