Friday, March 24, 2006

Construx Shuttle!

The Toy Winter Olympics would never have been such a mild success without the support of the Construx equipment that was used for the games. I think my foundest memories as a kid playing with toys would be Construx. Heck I used them as base building pieces for GI Joe, He-Man, and Transformers. They were large, sturdy, and looked pretty cool being thown off the stairs. Too bad they don't still make them. I found this cool Space Shuttle set on ebay the other day (10 Bucks!), to replentish some of my old bad pieces. Although, these are Mattel Construx from the 90's and seem to have a different 'feel' and 'click' than the 80's Construx. Now I just need to buy a tank set, A truck with a trailer, an armored car, and I think a helicopter, and I could build one massive Bruticus from Transformers!

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