Saturday, March 11, 2006

Thundercats! Woof!...Doh! I mean HO!

This must be collections week. Thundercats was yet another line of toys that I seem to like and collect. I just recently aquired the S-S-Slithe mutant and the mighty Mum-Ra! My sister had a really cool Chetarah, but she was sadly decapitated when driving the Thundertank under a couch (thats C-Ouch!)((and that was Chetarah, not my sister)). I also had another Lion-o, but he as well found tradgety when his leg was over spun and fell off. The substitute Snarf straw holder was also lost. I also also had the Mutant Fist pounder. It was quite the vehicle but I must have sold it at a garage sale (Arrrrg). I almost won an ebay lot the other day for a whole bunch of stuff, but I lost (I know, sad story). Lately, Its all about Tigra. I need to add him to my collection as Safari Joe used to say. (Episode 17 or whatever that is). So what is your favorite Thundercat?

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