Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are Disney toys any good?

Hercules sure is! I walked into a Disney store the other day, figuring what the heck. I was surprised to see some really cool action figures being sold there now. The new Disney Heroes line are quite fantastic. There are only a few figures right now, but they are making more (so the rumors say). They are jointed well, sturdy built and come with handy acessories. Oh and most important, display bases! I am looking forward for the Beast to come out. My Worf action figure needs a challenge.


Mike Overall said...

Don't tell me you opened it up! Now it won't be worth anything in say...20 or 30 years! lol

I'd love to see what they're gonna come out with for the 2007 Transformers movie! Any predictions?

Dan said...

I had to open it for inspection purposes only. And if IPO means slamming that huge sword down against a Rancor toy, so be it.

I just pray they don't mess the movie up by focusing on the 'human element' or making Optimus Prime a cheese grader.

disneyland said...

New attractions usually open in late spring or early summer and for the first few weeks after that, season pass holders flock in to check them out, making the park even more crowded than usual.


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