Tuesday, March 14, 2006

An exercise in sanity.

I work as a back up teller in one of those huge super one stop shopping centers. Occasionally to pick up hours I work out on the floor at a Uscan station or service desk. It is very boring, and hopefully these so called trained monkeys can do it will show up soon. Yesterday I took the time to draw as many chickens, sheep, and pigs that I could in the time I had. I probably could have done twice that, but I was given the special rare honor of folding 200 sheets of paper in half. What do you do when you are bored?


stevesmears said...

bou yah
Like a Thunderbolt in your cherrios!
Diamond Dave thinks that you could have fit a lot more into that there peice of paper, yeah!

Mike Overall said...

Um, yeah...

Which store do you work at? Is it Kroger's? SafeWay? BHCAG?

Bought GIJoe Snake yes vs. Storm Shadow Box set yesterday @ Target. Pics on Friday!!

Mike Overall said...

Get some kids...they ensure you'll never be bored again ha ha

Jeff Ross said...

I have concluded my research on this little "exercise in sanity," and I will email you my findings. You may want to post the results if you feel like they are necessary.

I found out some very interesting stuff about you, Dan.


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