Saturday, March 04, 2006

You have to be kidding! Toy Hockey again...This is rediculous! Oh wait, this is the last one!

Its all tied up 2-2 and team Hoth is on the move! Ice Biocicle is not taking any chances!

Wait a second is that?

Could it be?

No, they were retired right?

It's Luke Skatewalker and his trusty Taun-taun, Taun-taun!

WOW! Luke slices up the competition to set up an easy goal for Taun-taun!

Thats Team Hoth in the lead 3-2!

And time expires on the clock! Team Hoth wins! Team Hoth Wins!

I have seen the Matterhorn at Disneyland, I have seen the original Batmobile at a carshow, and I have met former Vice President Dan Quayle, But I have never witnessed an event so awesome as this! Congratulations Team Hoth, and well played Ice Bionicle!

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Mike Overall said...

Do you think Chewbacca's team shoiuld have won since he soooooo cheated by ripping off everyone's arms? Captain America never woulda let that slide ha ha...

Very imaginative! What's next?


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