Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yellow Refrigerator and Star Wars magnets!

Found these neat magnets on the old clearance table today. Finally I can decorate my yellow fridge in style. I might even go back and pick up the Batman and Spiderman packs. Now that would be a strange montage!


stevesmears said...

First, I am here to subpoena some information from you. I want proof that you do not live with either a. parents b.any relatives or c.a half-way house. You must post proof of residence on this site by the end of the week. Secondly, I would also like to see proof that you are in some kind of relationship with either a man or woman.

I do this not to taunt you, I am actually a big fan of your site. I am just worried that your collection may crescendo until you are packing human body parts in your freezer when you are an old man.

Thank you again good sir and keep up the great work!

Jeff Ross said...

Though my validity may be questioned, I can tell you a little about Dan, since I consider myself a friend of his. Although, if I share too much, he might pack my body parts into a freezer, which is something he doesn't do too often. So here I go...

Fact #1 about Dan = He's not a psyco. He's silly, crazy, somewhat strange, and bizarre. But not a psyco.

Fact #2 about Dan = If Dan were a millionare, he would buy me a really cool Lego set. You know, one of the big sets. Like the Death Star, or something.

Fact #3 about Dan = Dan has the same hair color as I do. I have the same hair color as Dan. Yet, Dan and I are different people. Weird, huh?

I hope I was able to help you, stevesmears, so you may once again sleep peacefully at night.

Face said...

If there was anybody who would get to sling mud at Dan and/or insinuate that he might be a homeless asexual toy freak it would be me....his brother-in-law. Right now he's one step up from a momma's boy (he lives in another property owned by his parents) and he is in fact engaged to be married (I set him up with a lovely girl, a fact I'm exteremly proud of).

I will be the first to point out that in many ways he's a goof and needs a swift kick in the ass. Poor Dan is very unfortunate in the fact that he's my brother (in-law). My "real" brother...we don't have enough space on the internet to go there. I think I'm quick to lump my personal issues with my brother onto my brother-in-law.

If Dan starts to turn into the cannabalistic freak, trust'll end up being my duty to take care of the problem the old-fashioned way.........I have a shotgun and have been trained in using a wide variety of weaponry to put down both man and beast (in case he's more of a beast at that point).

I love Dan like a brother....poor Dan.

Mike Overall said...

Wow...Nice to see Dan's got someone stepping up to protect him! Mui impressivo!

FYI Dan, Steve Smears is a co-worker of mine who recently discovered the endless joys of bloggin' so don't put too much stock into anything he says. Actually, we all think it's cool what you come up with on here...if I were more of a man I'd open all of what I have here and put together an Olympics or grand scale war myself. Maybe one day...

stevesmears said...

From the desk of Mayor McCheese:

First, I would like to extend my gratitude for all the responses. I wouldn't have to worry about other people if I myself wasn't a sociopath, but alas I am what I am.
Secondly, I would like to take time to address this Mike Overall fellow. I am no longer a co-worker of this individual, and I would like it to be considered public record that I am no longer involved with the Third Reich or any other such organization. Finally, Dan if you really even care, I do love the site. As you can tell with mine I am not much of a blogger but I do respect people who go all out in whatever it is they do.
Keep on smearing in the free world!

Dan said...


If I knew my refrigerator was going to generate so much publicity I would have done the Toy Refrigerator Olympics. As for packing the body parts in a freezer, I did that when I was six. It was my sister's Barbie frige toy from her mammoth playset, stuffed with old hunks of GI Joes. Sure surprised her! Ok that didn't happen either.

Thanks for visiting!


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