Saturday, April 01, 2006

Talking Ace!

If this toy were around when I was five, it would have never left my paws. Talking Ace, Batman's crime fighting best friend. He says some pretty funny stuff too like...

"kryptonite doesn't bother me!"

"I've got the perfect gadget for this job! (sound effect)"

"You can't escape the BatHound!"

"I'm Ace the BatHound!"

"Batman is my partner, Not my owner!"

"Break out the Baterang!"

"I'm the other Cape Crusader!"


Mike Overall said...

Alternators!? Too professional!? C'mon...ha ha

Buyin' Cobra Commander Sigma6 Thursday...have you seen Sea Ops Duke? Thought about gettin' that one as well.

Cool dog dawg...don't remember seeing him in the movies though :)

Jeff Ross said...

After seeing Bat-Pooch, this question came to my brain... If I were a toy with 3 different sayings, what would they be? Hmmmmm...

One might be "Step away from the peanut butter sandwitch, miss."

Or maybe "Smurfs once roamed the airwaves, unchecked."

Or how about "Dan rox da house, yo."


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