Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unmasking Cobra Commander!

Today I am attacking a very controversial topic. I will unmask Cobra Commander in front of fives of viewers. If you are squimish, or suffering from any medical annomalyies, I strongly urge you to skip away.

Here is the nice new clearance pack of Cobra guys I found the other day.

And a litle back story to Cobra Commander, if you forgot who he was.

Now lets unmaske him! His loyal troops seem to be protecting him...

With a few finger flicks they are gone. Now lets see what he really looks like...

Hmmm. Well that is a bit disapointing. He seems to be just a regular guy. Kind of looks like Luke Skywalker on Jango Fett's body. I'm Ruined. There goes my toy blog reputation. I should stick less classified projects.

And Wait a second, what happened to that so called C4 that was...




Mike Overall said...

That 3-pk is too awesome Dan...going to Walmart next Tuesday to check it out...those relatively new? They must be...they have that retro look and all!

Dan said...

I think they are older, hence the clearance. I bought a few other packs of these last year too. Serpentor included!

Anonymous said...

That's not even the real CC, it's Fred VIII. If you want to see what CC really looks like (in toy form anyways) get the 12" figure or Star Brigade


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