Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Unmasking Cobra Commander!

Today I am attacking a very controversial topic. I will unmask Cobra Commander in front of fives of viewers. If you are squimish, or suffering from any medical annomalyies, I strongly urge you to skip away.

Here is the nice new clearance pack of Cobra guys I found the other day.

And a litle back story to Cobra Commander, if you forgot who he was.

Now lets unmaske him! His loyal troops seem to be protecting him...

With a few finger flicks they are gone. Now lets see what he really looks like...

Hmmm. Well that is a bit disapointing. He seems to be just a regular guy. Kind of looks like Luke Skywalker on Jango Fett's body. I'm Ruined. There goes my toy blog reputation. I should stick less classified projects.

And Wait a second, what happened to that so called C4 that was...



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