Monday, April 17, 2006

The New Cobra H.I.S.S. is waaaay toooo cooool.

The plan was to hold on to some B-day money for a rainy day. Good thing my Birthday is near April. I broke down and bought this awesome Cobra Hiss tank. WOW did Hasbro make a nice toy. I can't help but to keep picking this thing up and looking at it. Jeff was right about the bells and whistles. Four missle launchers that each launch two missles. If you press it just right thats eight powerfull shots. I literally took out eight Joe's in one go. The back end also houses four troop seats for the surprise army attack. This thing might win toy of the year awards in my book.

The Cobra Hiss was so popular in my collection, even creepy Movie version Fred Flintstone wanted a chance to race it.

Unfortunatly Cobra Commander took that as a threat and fired some deadly shots at the Stone Age mobile transport.

Luckily cute Dino got away but poor Fred was a victim of Cobra's Deadly power.

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