Wednesday, April 12, 2006

101 ways to die on the Death Star! Jedi Jeff edition.

#84 So that's what is in those things!

Oh darn. The nightmares begin again.


Dan said...

Nice work Jeff. Your skills with the photoshop are complete.

Jeff Ross said...

Why thank you Obi-Dan Pranobi! Glad I could be of assistance!

And we finally get to see a glimpse of the TRUE scourge of the Empire...those mouse droids! AHHHhhhhhh!

Actually, that's how those dianogas get around in the Death Star.

Dan said...

Dianogas? Wow, I had to look that up. I am ashamed I did not know what that was for a second! I better go watch Star Wars ten times now.
You know, I don't think they made an action figure of a dianogas yet, darn we missed the vote on that one.

I remember playing the Original Dark Forces. (Star Wars Doom) Walking around in the sewers and those dianogas would pop out and attack you. Those were scarry times.

Jeff Ross said...

Take a look at this old Death Star play set. Looks like there might have been a dianoga in it! Whoooo! (And Don't worry there Mr Dan. I had to go to to make sure I was spelling it right. Still go watch Star Wars ten times.)

Oh, yes I remember those while playing Dark Forces! You can still find the free demo at! (Windows or Mac OS 9).

Dan said...

those old playsets rock! I like Darth Vaders Star Destroyer. I don't think the toy version is space worthey though.


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