Monday, April 24, 2006

Foul Moudama, the COOLEST Jedi in town.

I'm so pleased to find that Hasbro made a Foul Moudama toy! Now I can relive him kicking Grievous's butt.

He is so polite too, observing the no shoes inside rule.


Pop Culture Woman said...

He is indeed the coolest jedi. I really liked the packaging of the figure (with the pic of the animated foul on the back). I had to tie the saber to his hand though - how'd you get yours so neatly to stay in his hand??? Perhaps the force is stronger in your figure....

Dan said...

I too might have to use the Rubber band. But when you move his arm down to his belt, the light saber rests inbetween them.

And of course the force is stronger in my figure. :)


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