Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ah the Batboat, and a Crocodile guy.

There goes my wallet again. Luckily this was a very cool present, but I'm sure Lego Two Face or Joker will doop me into buying their sets.

The best parts are, or course, the little lego Batmen and villains.

Where did Croc get the funds to buy his own Jetski I ask?


Jeff Ross said...

Oooo, my son has been drooling over our latest Lego Magazine for these! His eye is for the Batmobile and the Batwing.

The figures look cool, I agree! I wonder if we will see Robin in the future?

Dan said...

I just wish lego split the sets into more mini sets. I want a Batmobile too, but don't want to fork out for the bank truck. I want just a Joker copter too. oh well.

Good news for you, Robin comes with the 80 dollar Bat cave! :O


lego mag-a-zine... oooooh

Mike Overall said...

$80!? For that kind of cash I could build my own Batcave...complete with dishwasher...

Seen the Transformers: Universe Constructicons? They made 4 new ones and combine to make a really weird Devastator...found em t target...$38 buys all 4 so I'm gonna get them tomorrow...along with Cobra Commander Sigma6 and an Alternator to boot...selling a bunch of CD's I have copies of to raise the money...worth it? I think so.

Dan said...

I have the Walmart yellow version of the Universe Constructicons. They are pretty cool. (as seen in the distruction of the 2006 Winter Toy Olympic Stadium). You can combine them in different ways to build the big guy. The instructions look like a manuel for building something from NASA. I believe they are originaly from Transformers:Robots in Disquise series.

:( I still can't find any Cobra Commanders.


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