Saturday, September 15, 2012

Super Seven Samurai This!

The old Toy Museum blog is seven years old today!

SO, lets look at seven toys that are my all time favorite. Starting with #7 Batman Legos. Can't stop getting them, they are great. Every time I build a set, I pretend I am Batman in his shop building his next crime fighting weapon. This little bike is from the new BatCave set, which I will show more of in upcoming posts.

#6 Mighty Max Lava Monster. Given by a good friend on his LDS mission of all places, the Lava Monster is one of my favorite unique toys in the museum. Can't remember if I have opened him up on this blog fully, but he has a sweet Mighty Max mini adventure inside, with lots of fun to be had.
(I should note, I am not LDS :) not that there is anything wrong with that. Go Mitt Romney)

#5 Temple of Doom Battle Damaged Indiana Jones. This figure cost me a pretty penny, having to get the whole wave at once, but it was worth it. His bag even has some Sankara stones in it.

#4 Lifeline. I have plenty more Joe's that I like just the same or more, but today is Lifeline's day. I really get a ride out of this new 30th anniversary edition. I had many adventures with vintage and now modern Lifeline.

#3 The Pandorian Direhorse. I was originally appalled by the Avatar toy line, but through silliness, I fell in like with the toys. Mainly the Pandorian lifeforms. Hey its a horse, but add a couple legs and some antenna and paint it blue, and you got something new!

#2 Blue Power Ranger. Love me some blue Power Ranger. Oh God, hope that doesn't get interpreted wrongly. As I have said for seven years, I like blue the color, so that is my Ranger of choice. No other reason. 

#1 Optimus Prime Generation 2. This whole list is always changing hourly, but one constant is Opty Primus here.  I never had an original G1 Prime, so when G2 came out in like '93, it was the greatest day of my life. He's a bit ragged these days with some sticker wear and loose joints, but still Prime in the Toy Museum.

Seven other great stats to mention...

1. This blog is seven years old today! (last year 6)
2. This blog has 129 fans! (last year 93)
3. This blog has 1140 Posts! (last year 997)
4. This blog has 2597 published comments, some of them not spam! (2102 last year)
5. This blog has a ton of interest in Madagascar 3 Happy Meal Toys!
6. This blog's YouTube outlet reached 2,000,000 views today! (what a coincidence!)
7. This blog is nothing without all you awesome people who drop by and read a post now and then. (Cut and copied from last year).

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