Tuesday, September 18, 2012

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra Jungle B.A.T.

I sat up all last night debating with myself if I liked the Cobra Jungle B.A.T. or not.  I am a huge fan of the campy classic Cobra B.A.T., with its black and yellow body and lenticular chest, it is one of the all time Cobra greats. The 25th anniversary B.A.T. was a pretty good update too (missing lenticular and all). The latest is a Jungle version, a part camo repaint, part accessory dress up. 

I want to say he is more of a last years toy, as I found one yesterday at a Paul's Supermarket, a store that is never current on popular toys. I had to pay a little more, $10.49, which is ridiculous, but I guess beats online prices. That price is getting to be the norm anyway, which will end my GI Joe collecting habits pretty soon.

That Jungle B.A.T. comes with a pretty heavy gatling gun, but its very clumsy in use, hard to hold. The ammo clip feeds into that back pack, which barely fits on the back. (Firing effects are my imagination).

The Jungle B.A.T. still comes with those neat interchangeable arm pieces, my favorite in this situation is the flame thrower.  (Firing effects are my imagination).

What sold me on the toy was the battle damaged chest plate (Old lenticular location), and interchangeable head. That just looks brutal, if that wasn't included I would have passed on the figure.

So did I decide to like it?

The final verdict is...

Nope, I hate it. Its too much. What makes the classic B.A.T. go is its ability to go anywhere in its standard suit. It would be scary to see the black and yellow army in the jungle, forest, tundra, ocean etc. I just don't see Dr. Mindbender asking the B.A.T.s to put on camo pants for their Jungle assignment. I bought merely for the battle damage, and on the fly decision.

I will say though, if its a single B.A.T., with more character then an army, I don't mind the camo look for a small Cobra Jungle Team. That way you can play it as the emotionless robot character opposite the jokester leafy guy, and grumpy faced Predator.

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