Thursday, September 27, 2012

HexBug Warriors Battling Robots with Kinetic Weapons!

HexBug Warriors are really amazing! I was very impressed with their performance. My Previous HexBug experience was with the smaller nanos that just moved around with no major goal, other than exploring habitats. The Warrior Bugs went farther by adding weapons and a spiffy battle mode. Each HexBug features one "Kinetic" weapon that moves (because of the intense vibrating motor). I was pleased to see how well that kinetic weapon works too (usually that stuff fails in toys). When the two bugs hit one another, a shock sensor damages the bug, until one is defeated. My custom arena was a little sloppy, and the actual sold arena makes for a more fluid battle. I will now have to pick that up too. They also look really cool, sharp, and colorful. I totally recommend you pick a few up!

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