Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Avengers Black Widow Movie Series with Grapple Blast

I almost forgot that after a entire summer of every week checking the Avengers shelf stocks for any sort of actual movie figure, I finally found a Black Widow. She must have been in a second or third wave of action figures, along with Nick Fury and some sort of green goblin guy. 

She's not really actress accurate, but that is okay, as I prefer figures like this to have timeless identification ambiguity (what the hell does that mean?). I think the painters might have been a little sloppy painting her eyes, as one is way higher than the other. Her back side is perfect though.

She has some good and bad for action figure standards. The Hasbro Marvel Supers have the worst hips. They are a combo of balls,  joints, hinges, and something else, and they always stick and are stuck in a direction that doesn't bend. I don't understand why they can't go with the Star Wars or GI Joe method which is way superior for Action Figuring. Her plastic is also a little soft, so its hard to bend her into great positions without bend-backing effect. Her guns are also the softest plastic I have ever encountered. Try getting her little hands to hold the gooey things is next to impossible. On the flip side, she looks like a Black Widow, and is no way a monstrosity with no joints and neon coloring like we would have got out of the 90's.

She is a fantastic action figure for general playing with.

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