Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scatter Brainz Darts and Bazooka Gun Review

Seriously STICKY deranged DARTS! I think this is the last toy I am buying that supports a simple gimmick then repeats it in hundreds of designs and colors for a while. I am running out of places to stash this stuff. The Scatter Brainz darts and Bazooka gun are a simple rainy day type of toy. The darts sport all kinds of wacky designs, and the gun, well obviously, shoots them. As seen in my video, the gun isn't the most accurate shot, and the darts are not sticky enough to support the word in full caps. In fact, all my darts are rapidly loosing their stick. The targets that came with are not even worth mentioning, just lame folded up printed sheets. Their is a brain like "Mental" case to for the darts too, but I don't plan on collecting enough darts to fill the thing. In short one three pack and a gun is enough for a afternoon of fun, and that is about it.

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