Thursday, September 20, 2012

Men in Black 3 - Agents K and J

I tried to talk about these guys on a failed Vlog a couple months ago, and I almost forgot to mention them. Agents K and J from MIB3. They were quickly price reduced ($4.98 TRU), so I used the opportunity to pick them up. 

The figures themselves are pretty darn good, especially for not being Hasbro or Mattel. Jakks Pacific's game is raising in the toy world in my book. Very good face likeliness and articulation. Their coats are a softer plastic which allows some good play. At my favorite 3 3/4" scale they can fit right into my GI Joe and Star Wars bins. I only wanted the single figure packs of K and J, but for K I had to get the step up deluxe option with the weapon. The noisy cricket is my favorite MIB weapon, but I didn't want to pay three dollars more for it, then I found out what it does...

It transforms into a sick ride! Okay, now I am totally in for the extra three bucks. J also has a ring like device that turns into a slick little sky sled.  Both vehicles are pretty well made, again this sort of thing usually misfires big time.

I totally recommend you pick these guys up, at reduced prices, they are a steal.

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