Friday, September 21, 2012

Thundercats Thundertank and Snarf Ban-Dai

Thundertank! Thanks to the new show's hiatus (or cancellation), the new Thundertank is pretty much everywhere on reduced price. I have been eyeing one at Walmart all summer at $23.50, but yesterday it finally made the real plunge to $14.50 (about half its original value). For a price like that, a toy like this is amazing!

I had low expectations about this toy, from photos and other reviews, but I am finding it better than expected, with yes, a few issues. The overall appearance is very nice. The Thundertank sports a spiffy blue and gray color scheme, and has a very layered dimension to it. Under the canopy and at the drive station, there is just enough room for Panthro to squeeze into. Notice how his hands fit smugly into the dash. On Panthro, Snarf, and other Thuder-lynx figure's backs, are blocks that fit into the tank seat and helps make some sound commands. They are not very inspiring; "Thunder Tank Activate" and "Thunder Tank Fire!" Those red eyes up front light up red. The canopy has some slight issues of staying on at its hinge point, not too big of a deal.

The back end features a small compartment. I would say you could fit Snarf and another Thundercat figure in, or two Thunder-Kittens, Or Cheetara and Lion-o, but probably not Panthro. It is disappointing that this was not an upper hatch with a cannon, as that would have made the toy epic.

The front end action feature is where things go a little askew. There are the two classic Thundertank Claws, mounted to wheel sleds, attached to the tank. Then there are two more wheel sleds attached to that. You can interchange the outside slides with sold separately figure sleds. There are hidden buttons on the back top flaps that launch the outside sleds, flipping the claws up, with the "Thunder Tank Fire!" sound effect. It works and looks pretty cool, but in doing so makes the front end kind of fragile. If you were to do some ramming with a Mutant Fist Pounder, things might start flying off!

I think the weakness lies in the attachment of the Claw Wheel assembly to the tank, That could have been more solid. On another  side note, the claws could have been stronger and extended more. They have like half an inch extension to them, thats it! The claw is also a bit fragile, it pops off really easy. Even though I complain a little, its still fun, and would make some good play.

For being a smaller scale toy line, its size is pretty large compared to the Original Thundertank. I should add, as dorky as all the features of the new tank are, the old tank had just as many. How goes those stiff moving treads that melt in a few years? Or that weakened spring assembly that shoots Panthro out the top back hatch from time to time.

The two tanks then, of course, immediately dueled on the padded coffee table.

So yes there are a few issues, but really, its just a toy, and a kick-ass playable toy it is! It's too bad that the show is on shaky if not sunk ground, as maybe there would have been other tanks, or add ons. For now, and the next twenty years, this is the New Thundertank!

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