Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Wolverine's Chopper Showdown 6866

Last month when I was working on Epic Lego Minifigures Battles 6, at the last minute I decided to pick up this set for the Wolverine and Deadpool minifigures. This of course mixed a few battles up, and I had to reshoot some stuff, but I really wanted seven battles. I probably would have never bought this set, if not for the minifigures. I am glad I did though, as it is a pretty solid set. Most of the time when buying LEGOs you can feel a little short changed. Not with this set, at $19.98 Walmart, you get a pretty good amount of brick. The chopper is really spiffy, as it looks menacing, fits a few figures, and does a few tricks.

The set looks to be modeled after the first Wolverine Origins movie, which gives you an initial premise to play from. It feels like a bonus to get three high level Minifigure characters, plus a motorcycle (and an extra Wolverine claw if you can spot).

Out of the Marvel sets offered this year, I would now place this as the best one to get first.

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