Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NFL Playmakers Denver Broncos Peyton Manning

It's Mr. NFL Peyton Manning! IDstormtroopers had me looking for this figure for him, and I finally found one at Walmart the other day. Playmakers figures are pretty fun to get into, but slow if you are into collecting for a certain team. From a distance they have pretty good detail, in a general sense. They have the right team colors, logos, proportions, and often a little football in their hands. Looking closer though, they don't match the player's likeliness. Its really up to what factory worker was painting eye brows that day.

I guess if you want physical face likeliness, you go with the larger sculpted frozen figures. If you want a smaller scale team collection of awesome fun moving figures, you get these guys. Like most sport figures, they are better off left in their package, but with Playmakers boasting over 20 moving parts, its hard to not rip them out of their confinement, and injure them and stuff.

The funny thing is, with all those moving parts, you are still limited to the amount of positions. I would love to see Hasbro get a sports license some day. The shoulder articulation is the most advanced, giving you lots of ball control abilities, but the legs are a mess (Demonstrated by Manning's former former former QB of the Bronco's Jay Cutler).

And now the post seems to have morphed into how cool Cutler is. How did I manage to stand him on a Lego board, that is unreal!!! I am currently looking to get this years wave Brian Urlacher, for my growing Bears team.

I wish Manning was in his Orange home jersey instead of the bland all white look. I imagine though, as popular as Manning is, we will see a dark color home jersey next year. The figure is also absent of an action damaged neck feature too. Overall though, he's a great figure to have in your collection if you like NFL Football or not. It's Peyton Manning, come on, he is the best spokesman to have on your toy shelf!

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